A collection of all the Fanzines produced by the Stardub team over the years for various conventions and get togethers.  All of the fanzines on this page are free to download.

Robot War:  A User’s Guide

Available to download here

Conceived and edited by Ralph and myself for Auto Assembly 2008.

We have Ironhide by Ralph and myself bookending the magazine with 1 page at either end.

The Quintessence of Hate Part One written by me, with superb art by Mark Stevenson – It’s 2013 and Sevax reflects back on a pivotal moment during the Quintesson assault of Autobot City in 2008 involving…The Dinobots.

How To Become A Living God – Galvatron in conversation with Nick Davidson tells you just how critical volcanoes are if you want to get ahead in life.

A Better World by Gavin Spence – a strange robot materialises in The Ark in 1984…

Ruined Empire – Part Two – 2026 and the Cybertronian Empire is attacking the Decepticons on Cybertron and then sets it sights on Earth…

The Examiner – the events of the 2007 Transformers movie seen through the eyes of a newspaper’s technology correspondent. By Martin McVay.

Optimus vs Megatron – THE ULTIMATE (verbal) BATTLE written and drawn by Matt Dallas, fans of Newman and Baddiel’s History Today rejoice!!!

Case Study – Philip Ayres takes a look at some of the curious case assortments that we seem to endure thanks to Hasbro’s infinite wisdom.

5,000 Piece Puzzle by Richard Ahern and Andrew Borkett – Xaaron and Traachon deliberate in the early stages of the war, desperately trying to secure allies. To what lengths are they willing to go?

Navigation by Karl Thurgood – the tale of the Navigator, entombed in a ship on Earth, until Jazz destroyed it, but what life did he live before then?

The Quintessence of Hate Part Two – written by Mark Stevenson and drawn by me.

It’s Dinobots vs Quintessons as Sevax reminisces over events as the Quintesson war machine prepares to strike again (as recounted in Eugenesis).

Available to download here


The Last Of The Great Arks Books 1 and 2



The first book was made up of the sprawling trans-temporal epic that was The Ark Year One by Ralph Burns and Eye of the Storm by Karl Thurgood.

Illustrations and cover by me.

Book Two was an anthology piece with  Raven and the Earth Spirit by Karl Thurgood.  Axe of Vengeance by Gavin Merrifield, Ark of Infinity which Nick Davidson and I co-wrote and rounding it off was the seven page comic story From Ship, To Shore drawn by me.

Illustrations and cover by me.