In less than a week the Stardub team will be at Auto Assembly.  Europe’s largest Transformers convention.  (Declared interest – Andy is on the committee and has been for a few years and is heavily involved in the production of the convention magazines and comics.)  Friend of the podcast Nick Davidson aka Toy-Fu has for the last couple of years sold Transformers toys at aforementioned convention.

Someone selling Transformer toys at a convention?  Perish the thought!  But, Nick does this a bit differently.  Nick sells these toys to raise money for charity – specifically Mary’s Meals.  A charity that helps provide meals for schools in some of the poorest places in the world.

So what has this got to do with you two talking pish about pop-culture and other nonsense I hear nobody ask.  Well very little, save that Nick’s a good friend, it’s a good cause so we are going to turn over some webspace here at Stardub for the next wee while to shout about it.

In the next few days we’ll share with you details of Nick’s stock (all at damned good prices), as well as the awesome raffle which will take place, and some of the prizes you can win.