Okay so instore for you this episode, a brief overview of the 2D Comic Festival which our team attended this year.   We liked the festival, we hated the quiz and we will tell you why, with some swearing.  We take a cinematic double bill of mind-staggering proportions in the guise of Top Cat: The Movie and Ridley Scott’s Prometheus.  There is anger and there is disappointment, is it confined to one of these films or both?  Listen on.

Who’s Who in the DC Universe Issue gets looked at, or more importantly one page gets a look – the villainous Angle Man – for no reason other than the art accompanying his bio was drawn by none other than Jose Delbo.  (Yes, Angle Man is doing a Delbo-pose)

Sh1ts and Googles has the words “saffron” and “walden” – suggested by Nerdsphere overlord – Timey2Wimey.