We kick things off with an epic struggle as we review and report on the epic struggle that was Lego Star Wars: Battle of Hoth game.  Which of our co-hosts emerged victorious?

We dip our feet into Doctor Who as we take a look at Full Circle – the first story of the E-Space trilogy, one of the stories from Tom Baker’s last season as the Doctor.  (Season 18).  Written by Andrew Smith, directed by Peter Grimwade featuring the first appearance of Adric.  Script edited by Christopher H Bidmead.

Rolph brings an issue of  The Pheonix comic (available at waitrose, certain speciality comic shops and directly on a subscription basis from their website athttp://www.thephoenixcomic.co.uk) to our attention as we give it the once over.

Sh1ts and Googles sees the words “banjo” and “spatula” expose us to new forms of wildlife.

We round out the bumper length podcast with Andu taking the time to review of Riot Gear issue 7 from Triumphant Comics, something he foreshadowed in Stardub 80.5!