Episode 59 sees a lot of procrastinating from the team before they can work up the energy and the fortitude to brave Doctor Who – The Web Planet, so before they do that they spend time talking of happier times and happier things.

What things?

Well, the short-lived Havoc from Marvel UK, which brought Deathlok, Robocop, Ghost Rider, Conan and the Star Slammers to kids on a weekly basis.  Can you tell it was released in the early 1990’s?  From there we actually talk about Transfrormers, and in particular Transformers UK Issue 39, a personal favourite of Andy’s.

The team also talk about fuck-nuggets at conventions and why we miss some of the older ones.  We weep that nobody still asks Simon Furman about colouring errors on the Transformers cartoon and we lay down the challenge for Auto Asssembly 2014 and we DEMAND our listeners join with us in preparing questions to Flint Dille on…FIVE FACES OF DARKNESS!