We kick things off by checking in on our friends Fun Pub with the most recent issue of The Transformers Collectors Club Magazine.  (Somebody goes off on one about Jhiaxus – it’s not who you’d think.

We tell you just how tasty the Doctor Who Celebration Cake is in a second Stardub Taste Challenge.

For fans of great literature we look over the mighty tome that is The Secret of the Sword Ladybird book.  A gift courtesy of friend of the show Glenn “Dreadwind” Jakeman of the splendid Back to the 80’s podcast.

Grufflock of The Old Oil House podcast demanded that we speak of Zoids and in particular the Marvel UK comic.  Which we had no qualms in doing.  He also hijacked Shits and Googles and suggested Rolph search for an image search and the words “Moomin” and “Costume”.

The show ends with Rolph exacting revenge on Andu for the Moomin DVD