It’s our third episode without Rolph, but fear not his ghost permeates the podcast.  What?  I totally didn’t kill him, how many times do I have to say this?  He will return in our hour of need, like Optimus Prime but without the robot bits, but right now we have another Stunt-Rolph.

We welcome friend of the podcast JiiDee, who I managed to pry away from the Back To The Eighties team for a few hours to talk about stopmotion animation and in particular Portland Bill, as well as finding out what fresh hell he plans on visiting upon the absent Rolph.

Now gentle listener you must go to Abbey Home Media - and politely email as Jii requested to to ask them if they will release the last two episodes of Portland Bill on DVD or Blu -Ray.

Here is their email address -

Or write a real actual letter on paper  and send it to – Hello Abbey Home Media, 435-437 Edgware Road, London W2 1TH, UK

You will earn the undying gratitude of the Stardub team, which of course is what you all strive for.