We kick off the first in an unusual set of episodes of the Stardub podcast.  Due to real life issues, it’s proved a bit troublesome for Rolph and Andu to be available as the same time and given we have been a bit behind we decided to rope in some friends to help us get back on track.

Long time listeners it means we are still to give you the ending of the Sixth Doctor retrospective.

Andu has the controls so he has enlisted some help for this podcast where we not only debut the first replacement Rolph, but our ALL-NEW THEME TUNE, although it’s not all-new to anything other than us as it was made for a computer game in 1987.  Don’t judge me, I get enough of that elsewhere.  It’s a splendid tune though.

The podcast team talk about the Lego Chima cartoon in this slighty truncated episode.  What can possibly go wrong?