We’re back, after missing a week, due to scheduling issues.

So one half of the team is hopped up on pain medication as he has a busted wing, but that doesn’t stop us sharing our thoughts on Marvel Comics, Thunderstrike Issue 1, penned by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz spinning out of their run on The Mighty Thor.  He’s a thirty-something architect with the power of Thor, but in dire need of a new costume and a new name, as there is already a Thor kicking around.  We’d be remiss to point out the splendid holofoil cover – god bless you 1990’s comics.  We take some time to take a look at the plethora of adverts in the comic, which were always a source of fascination to us across the pond here in the UK.

We also talk around the recent Big Finish Doctor Who audio release Dark Eyes featuring Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor.  Why do we talk around it?  Well we’d spoil the plot of it, but suffice it to say we heartlily recommend that you go to the Big Finish website and purchase it.  It has Daleks, the Dalek Time Controller and Toby “The Dreamlord, Arnim Zola, Alfred Hitchcock” Jones in it.

The podcast ends with exciting news about the next episode and some arbitrary renumbering in the style of mid 2000’s Marvel Comics.  Exciting stuff.