The resolution to the ongoing story-arc of Stardub Series 2 that you and half of the podcast team knew nothing about is upon you.  A mystery package from friend of the podcast Little Philip Ayres is discussed at the start of the episode, before we talk about Quatermass 4 starring Sir John Mills and Simon MacCorkindale.

We then reveal the shocking truth of OPERATION: MANIMAL SILENCE perpetrated upon Andy by Phil, Ralph and a cast of almost a dozen.

We then view and watch the pilot episode of MANIMAL, Rolph and Phil are hoping that this will shatter the childhood memories of Andu – who has ceaselessly proclaimed his love for the 8 episode slab of awesome that is Manimal.  Will this experience be a sad one for Andu, or will it be victory for him once more?

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Also – learn of the IP Rolph needs to own, if you can hear over the laughter of Andu.