We’re back after a bit of an unexpected hiatus due to illness and scheduling conflicts with the sixth episode of the new series.

The long-promised D.R. W.H.O. The Lost Interviews DVD review finally materialises as Ralph finds the DVD. Our team are confident of being able to endure this DVD without any issues, could this confidence be misplaced? Listen on.

After that, arguably the king of True Friending – Philip Ayres, he who bestowed upon us the D.R. W.H.O. DVD has parcels for one half the team. Will they bring joy or will they bring sadness and torment? During this Ralph delights us with tales of quest for cheap Gnaws in the more how can we say picturesque areas of Edinburgh

We look at the titanic crossover of The War Doctor, Superman’s Mum (Christopher Reeve era), Pennywise the Clown (the proper one) and Alan Bates in THE SHOUT!!!

Rounding out this episode is of course Ralph Reads Star Trek and looks at Star Trek: The Next Generation -  Headlong Flight by Dayton Ward. Before he gets to it though he has some corrections and news of the reasons for the lack of upcoming new Star Trek novels to share with us all.

Gnaw image from http://botchthecrab.com/