A slight break from the norm with this epsiode we recorded before Christmas. The main focus of the show is The Game of Rassilon 2. Ten random gifts for the podcast hosts to share who will triumph? Remember though, he who wins shall lose, and he who loses shall win. Aided by the Coronets of Rassilon our intrepid hosts confront these mystery items.

The Uncanny Oxfam takes a break to be replaced by Ebay Gum – as Andy gives us the rundown on the Warlock mini-series from 2004 and all the lovely adverts within.

Ralph Reads Star Trek sees an onslaught to the senses as we go back to the 50th or 52nd anniversary of Star Trek (if you go by either Broadcast or Filmed date) and look at the novel trilogy Star Trek: Legacies and the Transfer Key held by every Captain of the Enterprise, because having a powerful artefact on a ship that is generally furthest from support on the fringes of known space is always a good idea. Rounding out the episode we look at the first comic tie-in to Star Trek: Discovery The Light of Kahless.