Kicking off the episode Ralph and Andy discuss the recently released Dalek book, a history of the Daleks both from an in-universe perspective as well as in the real world. The Daleks were created by Terry Nation AND Ray Cusick, despite what the book says!  Credits being something of an issue with the Dalek book, as in the contents page it credits the writers (no credits for the rest of the talented folks who do the comic strips that pepper the book), poor show publishers. A literature heavy episode as from there the team move on to The Uncanny Oxfam – and boy is it uncanny with the 1996 X-Men annual from Marvel Comics UK, and the Marvel Graphic Novel – Pryde of the X-Men coming under the microscope. Ralph Reads Star Trek sees him try to justifyStar Trek Deep Space Nine – Original Sin by David R George III with the return of The Sisko and various Dyson objects. A monster movie cut and shut – the classic that is Thunder of Gigantic Serpent from Joseph Lai rounds out the episode.

WARNING: This episode once again contains attempted accents by one of the team. These are not offensive, given that these are no accents any other human being has ever uttered but we appreciate it can be distressing. Rest assured, it is more distressing being in the room when these happen. Trust me.