We’re back with Stardub 2 – The Confrontation.

As promised the team regale you with their thoughts on the classic that is American Ninja 2 – The Confrontation. After that in The Uncanny Oxfam – a whole host of comics were mentioned, but only one deemed worthy of discussion. Now a picture is worth a thousand words so without comment or context:










After some choice words on these pages and the rest of the above comic we move on to Ralph Reads Star Trek. This episode he takes a look at Star Trek: Discovery by David Mack. The first tie-in to the new series.

We round out the episode with a look at a film that Mattel actually managed to get to the big screen – sort of. That’s right MAX STEEL! No really, there was a proper Max Steel film, with actors and everything! Was it any good…well listen and find out.