In case anyone is in the slightest bit interested in how the piece was done.

Tools used:  Wacom Bamboo stylus for iPad, iPAD2 (waiting for the fourth version to upgrade) and the app Procreate.


Open up procreate.  New layer select a colour approximating non-photo blue and use the technical pencil tool and rough out the layouts.

Step Two

A new layer and this time I selected the technical pen tool and black and just dropped the opacity of the layer using the layers tools and did a slightly more refined “pencil” sketch.

Step Three

Another layer now and using the same tool, and the opacity ramped back to 100% I start the inks. I actually use a few of the brushes during this to get what I need.

Step Four

Colours – I use a two layers for the flats, so I can keep the background and the character separate and then a further layer for shading


I’d also done a Sunbow esque variant.