We kick off the episode with some shilling for the impending Scotcon gathering before diving in to the titanic text that is Transformers: Retribution.  The latest official prose Transformers novel will it be the first prose effort to come close to unseating the mighty Eugenesis from pride of place?  Place your bets and listen on…

After that we experience Mamma Mia – the film based on the musical based on the songs of Abba, which sees Colin Firth, James Bond, Thor’s scientist friend and Howard Stark and other people butcher the songs of Abba and plunge Andu into a pit of despair without the solace of alcohol to help him through.

After that to bring joy back into our hearts we look at two issues of a very rare Marvel UK comic – Marvel Action Hour from the space year 1996 which we’d forgotten about till all round swell bloke and ace cartoonist Lew Stringer mentioned them on twitter and his blog.

Also we’d like to be a bit serious for a  moment and point you in the direction of http://www.tfradio.net/jd  to help raise funds for podcaster J D Church’s widow to help cover medical bills and other costs following his passing.  As listeners to the show, you no doubt spend money on tat of dubious merit, spend a little less and throw some money to a good cause, especially if like us you enjoyed his podcast contributions on Fanboy Vs and Radio Free Cybertron.