No you haven’t missed a fortnight, we are skipping an episode – 2.16 will be with you in two weeks time.  We’ve bumped this podcast forward to serve as a timely rebuttal to friend of the podcast little Philip Ayres.  He is currently watching an episode of Doctor Who a day and blogging about it here.  He’s recently moved onto The Sixth Doctor and gave the Twin Dilemma and the regeneration a kicking.  We’ve decided to talk about this particular show and the Sixth Doctor in general.

Comic wise Rolph brings us one of The Real Ghostbusters Choose Your Own Adventure Minicomics packaged with Trio! chocolate biscuits.  This one was called Electrical Shop Shocks!  Our intrepid team take up the challenge.  Will they be successful?

Rolph’s real life allows him the chance to give us an illustrated leaflet – Methodone and Your Teeth for Andu to discuss and read through.