The attached images are all going to be prizes at this year’s Scotcon (see previous blog post).  They are Kreo based reinterpretations of recent Transformers covers using the Regeneration One 96 blank cover as the basis.



Cover 1 based on RG1 96, which was in turn based on Transformers: Generation 2 Issue 5.  Original covers by Guido Guidi and Derek Yaniger

Cover 2 based on RG1 Issue 80.5  Original cover by Andrew Wildman

Cover 3 based on RG1 96.  Original cover by Geoff Senior

Cover 4 based on Transformers Issue 19.  Original cover by Herb Trimpe

Cover 5 based on Transformers: MTME Issue 1 which was in turn based on Justice League Issue 1.  Original covers by Nick Roche and Kevin Maguire