Continuing on from Episode 64 – a sweary intro from Andu prompts Rolph to talk about The Smugglers from Doctor Who.  Which holds the honour of being the least remembered Doctor Who story of all time, the discussion runs the way of the Hartnell era and missing episodes in general.

Our team then turn their attentions to Zenith, the popstar superhero from the pages of 2000ad as created by Grant Morrison and Brendan McCarthy and Steve Yeowell.  Andu splurged on a copy of the limited edition (271 of 1000) HC run last year, and no he isn’t upset that there will be softcover editions later this year.

We then revisit the Hogmanay Hell that Andu endured (along with Stunt Ralph’s, Karl and Nick) in the form of the DVD of the film “The Car”.  Rest assured gentle listeners, your pain is insignificant compared to Andu’s.

To cleanse the palette the team round off the episode with another dramatic reading from Zardoz!