It’s an uncommonly topical installment of the Stardub podcast this time out, as our titanic hosts Rolph and Andu speak to you from the Baines Cave about their recent cinematic ventures.

First off the blocks is the Robocop remake, where Samuel L Jackson auditions for a James Brown biopic while Detroit City’s finest becomes, part man, part machine, all cop.  Or perhaps all Cop-Out? You see what we did there?

Then on to the absolute joy that is the Lego movie, don’t worry there are ZERO spoilers about the Lego film, as you need to see it knowing as little as possible, but trust us.  It’s going to be the most fun you will have in the cinema this year, or perhaps ever.  We also get sidetracked about the unfortunate looks one gets for daring to see a family film, without having a family, but being in possession of a beard and glasses.  (It’s not the first time, remember Bagpuss Live!).

Bookending the cinematic chat, Andu tears Games Workshop a new hole for Warhammer Visions, their newest publication and then is True Friended…by a most unexpected source!