It’s 2014 so what better way to start a new year than by looking back on the old.  Rolph and Andu talk about the gifts they gave and received to kick our show off, before talking about the splendid Lew Stringer and some of his mighty works (Combat Colin, Brickman and Robo Capers and the almost-forgotten One Cat and his Cod).  Now Christmas isn’t christmas anymore without a Doctor Who special.  Now the last Doctor Who episode left our team as giddy as schoolgirls, can the Moff retain the quality at Christmas…

We take a wee break to plug the impending Scotcon gathering and mention the culinary delights of Scotcon – The Deep Fried Pizza and The Pizza Crunch.

Learn how one of the team was refused entry to see The Muppet’s Christmas Carol at the Cineworld in Edinburgh for being on his own and in possession of a beard and glasses.  Take a guess gentle listener you have a fifty per-cent chance of being correct.

We end the show with a happier cinematic discussion, that of the team’s outing to see the 1989 Tim Burton Batman film.