We’re back after a wee delay (I mean we took longer than expected, no bladder control issues in this podcast), and so is Paul McGann!  That one seems to a bit more popular on the internet than we are, for some reason.  Steven Moffat penned the exclusive minisode – The Night of the Doctor which featured the return of Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor.  Now this is the one nugget we wanted for the 50th Anniversary, so any wrongs Steven Moffat has committed, unintelligible arc plots, which fall down under examination, less episodes than we should have, the ever revolving door of producers (we miss you Beth Willis) are now forgiven.  So we blether about that for a while, before turning to an equally important part of Doctor Who.

No not Doctor Who Adventures, but we get to that later I speak of course of The Deadly Assassin – starring Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor.  Reknowned for redefining Gallifrey, Time Lords and for getting Philip Hinchliffe the boot thanks to Mary Whitehouse.  This is a shame for it should be familiar for a greater reason, the single greatest Time Lord who wasn’t The Doctor – Castellan Spandrell as played by George Pravda.

Doctor Who Adventures reaches the milestone issue number 333 and Andu (after a few ciders picked it up) and we talk about it and also the charming Mr Men and Little Miss Magazine, both publications put out by the same publisher aimed at younger readers.  Which one is better, no no they don’t need to fight.  Just read the magazines or better yet let our hosts tell you.  (Yes, there is swearing involved, and also some unfortunate choices of words).


Astrodog – the wonderful comic by Paul Harrison-Davies that Andu was raving about.

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