A little later than planned due to Lego based jaunts and laziness but we’re back with Episode 61.

In what can only be described as a self-harming on a near-biblical scale our intrepid team are teabagging themselves with two titanic Time Lord related televisual tortures.  Gently easing themselves into the horrors to come they kick off with Meglos, starring Tom Baker as The Doctor and an evil cactus.  (It’s not as much fun as it sounds kids).  Although the extras do let us see into the home of Doctor Who script editor – THE BIDMEAD as well as a discussion of scene sync, cso and inevitably Underworld.

A brief discussion of the excellent Doctor Who DVD ranges as well as the late Doctor Who producer John-Nathan Turner brings a brief respite before they watch K-9 and Company.

Can the fortifying power of vodka and cardboard Spider-Man masks protect our team from the full horror?