A partial stock list can be downloaded from here http://www.star-dub.com/files/Toy-Fu2012.xls

Disclaimer from Toy-Fu himself:

“Here you go. Doesn’t include all of Andy T, Karl or Ralph’s donations because they were already boxed up and in the attic when I updated the list. This in no way diminishes their worth and is simply because I couldn’t face hauling them back down the ladder just to bring them back up so close to bringing them all down to ship down south.

Worth mentioning that the unlisted selection contains Andy K’s no doubt monumental catalogue and further donations/stock from Adam White, Kapow Toys and anybody else who cares to rock up. Undocumented current stock includes a plethora of figures and playsets from Legend to Leader class and everything in between (except ultras, I think) across 3 movies, Power Core Combiners (2 and 5 figure sets) and the new Transformers Prime Cyberverse selection.”